Elderly Dog’s Favorite Toy Discontinued, But Strangers Reach Out And Save The Day!

Dog owners know that sometimes, dogs can have quirky behavior just like humans! From silly eating habits to favorite ways to sleep, some dogs even have specific routes through their favorite parks to sniff at their favorite tree! Others have favorite colors, favorite cushions…and some dogs, like Jaxon, have favorite toys.

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This 12-year-old pup had fallen in love with a bright green squeaky toy covered in soft fabric. He’d never taken a liking to any toys before, so his humans were determined to make sure that he always had one nearby to chew, snuggle, and squeak. Unfortunately, as he began to wear it down, they knew that they would need a few replacements for the future. As they were searching, the made the horrible discovery that the toy their Jaxon loved so much had been discontinued!

They searched everywhere online, but there were no toys to be found! So, Jaxon’s story was shared online as his humans asked for help.

…His adorable face was shared thousands of times! People who knew that their stores still sold that particular toy went out of their way to send him some! As the toys poured in, Jaxon was in puppy toy heaven! He couldn’t believe how many of his favorite toy he could play with now. Hopefully, Jaxon has found himself with a lifetime supply!

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