Eating Out With Kids Can Be Tough…One Parent Received A Note Scrawled On A Napkin, And Couldn’t Help But Smile!

Before kids, it was no big deal to just leave the house and go to a restaurant. There were no bags to pack, no diapers to grab, and certainly no need to keep a change of clothes in the car. And a meal for two doesn’t require much of a budget – any restaurant was alright!

But after kids? Yeah, it’s not so easy anymore. Juggling who wants to eat where, packing extra everything into the car “just in case,” and carving out a chunk in the budget is far from simple. So when a family goes out to eat, it’s highly probable that a lot went into it…

One parent was not having a good time with the kids…but when the bill came, this napkin was there in its place.

(See transcription below) 4.7a1

I have enjoyed watching your precious children & how they interact with one another. I had 1 older sister & 2 younger brothers. My sister & 1 brother have passed away & I miss them terribly. It is always fun to imagine how we were as children & how mom handled all of us. You are obviously doing a great job….. big brother even shared his pickles voluntarily.

God blessed me this morning with a few extra dollars & I’d like to spread the blessing because your family was a blessing to me as I enjoyed my lunch.

Keep doing what you’re doing with them and the world will have 3 more great adults one day.

A Mom & Grandmother.”

All it took was one note from a stranger to turn that day around! It may not have felt like it, but to others, those kids seemed well-behaved and polite. They were so kind that it made a random old woman nostalgic for her family. Have you ever written a note like this? Who knows, you might just make someone’s day!

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