Easter Crafts To Keep Your Kids Busy

We all know April showers bring May flowers…but what do you do with the kids during the April showers? Instead of letting your kids watch TV or play video games how about some fun crafts? These Easter themed crafts are adorable and fun, kids will love them.

1. Minion Eggs

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 2.58.29 PMDespicable Me is a family favorite movie. Make these Minion inspired eggs with your kids!


2. Tissue Paper Baby Chicks

Easy and fun, have your kids make some baby chicks!
3. Easter Egg Potato Stamping
potato-easter-egg-stamp-craftWho wouldn’t love to paint with a potato!? What a fun idea!


4. Popsicle Stick Bunny Craft
204a8a96716419b90423aacd6196a2dfPopsicle sticks are a craft cabinet must-have!


5. Bunny Mask
d9561cb2b04e298b4bb3958ecf7003c6Here’s a cool craft that your kids can play with…and you can get adorable pictures!


6. Kid’s Hand Art
BeFunky_DSC_0543.jpgLet’s face it…kids like to get a little messy. Paint their hands and create a colorful “bouquet”!


7. Bunny Plastic Cup
216831Super easy and SO cute! I love these bunny cups!


8. Pom Pom Easter Egg
pom-pom-clothespin-easter-craftLet your kids paint…without the mess! Awesome idea.


9. Jelly Bean Bracelets
Jelly-Bean-Bracelet_FeatureIf you can hold yourself back from eating the bracelets this jelly bean craft is pretty sweet!


10. Bunny Peep Puffy Paint
peep-puffy-paint-craftThis craft if full of fun! Get your hands messy with some colorful shaving cream.

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