Dying Woman Taken Off Of Ventilator Keeps Breathing And Wakes Up, Shocking Doctors

75-year-old Eloise Barnette had been through multiple surgeries and procedures as organ after organ began to fail. After one problem was fixed, another would begin, and doctor’s just couldn’t find out what was causing it. She had been rushed to the hospital one morning when her husband wasn’t able to wake her up one morning. They ruled out a stroke, brain infection, and even meningitis. Her family didn’t think she would make it and so began preparations to say farewell to their mother.

They set up the visitation and arranged funeral services, preparing for the worst. The family surrounded her hospital bed as the ventilator removed, and they all waited in respectful silence for their mother to pass away…

…only she didn’t stop breathing! 

She mouthed ‘I love you’ to her family, and after two days, opened her eyes and started talking. It was a miracle that no one expected.

For weeks after her incredible recovery, she made no progress and her therapy sessions…until one day, she just stood up.

It makes you stop and rethink your life,” said Barnette. “I think life is too short to worry about things because worry is not going to solve anything. I’m going to live. That’s what I want to do.”

They still don’t have an explanation for what happened, but in the end, perhaps the only thing that matters is that she fought for her life and won.

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