Dying Veteran Puts Ad In Local Paper With One Heartbreaking Request

James Wiitamaki is a cancer patient at the VA Medical Center in Minnesota, but he’s been in the news lately for an ad that he put out in his local paper without his family’s knowledge. He didn’t ask for much at all. The only thing he wanted was to read letters from people around the city. He wanted to feel a connection to the world he was leaving. He wanted to know about the daily life of a young mom, the curious questions from school kids, and the excitement from a family that just sent their first kid off to college. He’s looking at the end of his life and just wants some way to fill his time with things that matter. His great niece responded to questions about the ad, reminding everyone that sending a letter to local nursing homes or your local V.A. can go a long way to brightening a resident’s day.

This veteran’s story was a shock to many people who didn’t realize that they could be sending letters without a specific person in mind. Some have even decided to make it their (late) New Year’s resolution to write one letter each week!

What do you think of the idea? We hope that James ends up with enough letters to see him through the next step in his journey!

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