During Flight, A Baby Started Screaming. Flight Attendant Asked The Mother To Step To The BACK Of The Plane.

Carrie Jaboor was on a flight with Southwest Airlines when a baby started screaming. The mother was traveling with two young girls and tried to comfort her crying baby, but nothing was working. The little girl didn’t want anything, and even after the mother tried everything she could think of, the child just kept on screaming, her fit growing louder and louder. That’s when this flight attendant walked up the distraught mother and asked her to follow him to the back of the plane. She gathered up her girls and followed.The seasoned flight attendant was prepared for just such an occasion. He pulled out a little bottle of bubbles and began to blow them around the back of the plane for the little baby. She slowly started to calm down, and he pulled out a packet of tissues to give to the child’s mother, who at this point had already broken down into tears herself.

There are some seriously kind people in this world.” Jaboor wrote.

She witnessed the entire ordeal and hopes that the story will help others to understand that sometimes, babies just cry for no reason at all. Instead of glaring or huffing or making rude comments, this flight attendant tried to help by distracting the baby from her own distress…and it worked!

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