During “Cat Friday,” A Record Number Of Cats Were Adopted On Black Friday In New York

Shoppers in the New York crowds may have been competing to get the best deals at the biggest stores, but for the animal-lovers out there, Black Friday was all about adopting a cat! The ASPCA in Manhattan decided to celebrate their sixth annual Cat Friday by waiving cat adoption fees, and people lined up, excited to meet a new cat!

After everything was over, 90 cats and kittens were adopted – a new record!

There were some animals that weren’t ready to be adopted because they were too young, they were fighting an illness, or still needed a few more vaccinations. 44 of these cats were put on hold, assuring them that once they were all better, they would have a new home to go to!11-30a15

The grand total? 130 adoptions in just one day!

“The enormous success of Cat Friday demonstrates New Yorkers’ deep instinct for compassion, even on a day so focused on consumerism,” said Matt Bershadker, the ASPCA’s president.

The process of waiving adoption fees isn’t taken lightly, as caring for the animals requires expert care, supplies, medications, food, and other items. But as these cats were given new homes, they made room for even more cats that will eventually be taken into the shelter, and the cycle will start all over again.

They also remind the public that a pet is not a gift…but sadly, they will expect to receive animals dropped off at the shelter in the weeks following the holidays. For now, they choose to focus on the good – over 100 cats now have forever homes!


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