Drunk Reindeer Thief Writes Letter To Little Girl After Ruining Her Christmas

Kiara grew up with a pair of reindeer decorating her front lawn each Christmas for the last four years. She is only 9 years old, but she has come to love them, looking forward to the time of year when her family gets to display them in the yard each year. Last night, everything changed.

It was the middle of the night, but the family’s security camera caught a group of thieves race onto their front lawn and pick the decorations up, breaking one of them in the process. Kiara watched the footage, upset that the reindeer’s neck had been broken. She doesn’t understand why someone would do something so cruel near the holidays…the family was so hurt, they were re-considering having decorations out at all anymore.12-6z2But a week later (after presumably seeing the news coverage), the family received this hand-written note from the thief.12-6z3

To who ever’s Christmas I destroyed.

I’m very sorry for taking your reindeer. I was unaware of my actions due to being drunk. Don’t feel like you shouldn’t put up any more lights because they were wonderful. I hope this letter makes you feel better. I’m so sorry once again. I promise to never do this again. Please feel safe and have a nice Christmas!”

The thief left behind $100 – not quite enough to cover the cost of new reindeer, Kiara’s dad admits, but says that they have forgiven the thief. “‘Tis the season,” he said in explanation.

The family still plans to move their decorations in when they go to bed at night from now on.

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