Drivers Were FURIOUS With This Bike Rider…Until He Attached A Pool Noodle To His Seat!

Warren Huska commutes 11 miles on his bicycle every single day, and it used to be a time filled with arguments, “road rage,” and near-accidents until he came up with a simple idea.

Cars used to speed past him. SUVs would pass him leaving just inches between their doors and his handlebars. Drivers would confront him at red lights to ask “what was wrong with him” when they drove too close to his bike.

So, he decided to take matters into his own hands…by means of a durable pool noodle. He wrapped the ends in reflective tape and attached it to his seat with bungee cords, causing it to wave back and forth as he pedaled down the road.10-18a16

Instantly, his commute was made safer. Instead of rolling down their windows to yell at him for being so close to their cars, drivers were congratulating him on his clever hack.

Suddenly all the cars are changing lanes to go around me.” He said.

The extra visual cue gives drivers a head’s up about the biker in the road, whereas before, drivers would only notice him after they had nearly hit him, causing their own anger to flare up.

But his genius idea has only been spotted on one other biker, and he has a feeling that it has to do with the noodle’s lack of “coolness.” Hey, safety first, right? If his method helps him to become more visible to other drivers, we love it!


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