Drip-Free Bottles Are The Miracle We Didn’t Know We Needed!

For hundreds of years, the wine bottle has pretty much stayed the same. While a few brands may have branched out and completely changed the shape for dramatic effect, a wine bottle is a very recognizable shape. The label designs vary widely, but the material and the lip are fairly standardized at this point. The announcement of this scientific breakthrough is making a lot of people really excited: a drip-free wine bottle.Those little drips that travel down the wine bottle have been known to cause all sorts of problems. From slippery bottles to drips on clothing and light surfaces, it was just something that people didn’t question. Servers at restaurants wiped the bottle down with a cloth after every pour and drinking wine at home tended to leave rings on the surface under the bottle.

Because wine bottles are made with hydrophilic glass, the wine easily slid down in little drips when it was being poured. By cutting a small groove just under the edge, Daniel Perlman, an inventor and biophysicist, has effectively beat the system.

He spent three years studying wine bottles to find a solution that didn’t involve attaching a piece of equipment to the top of the bottle.

He is now in negotiations with bottling companies to hopefully adopt the designs for future bottles! Hooray!

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