Dr. Heimlich Uses His Famous Maneuver For The FIRST Time At 96 Years Old!

Dr. Heimlich’s technique has been used countless times to save life after life. Although he has demonstrated his technique to millions, he has never needed to use it to save a life. Until now.

Patty Ris was 87 and living in an assisted living facility. It was dinner time, and she had been eating a piece of meat. When she swallowed, the bite got lodged in her throat and she found herself unable to breathe or swallow the food. She was choking.

A staff member noticed and ran to the table, but Dr. Heimlich had already gotten into position behind the struggling woman. He performed his brilliant technique and saved her life.

Under normal circumstances, a staff member would have stepped in immediately…but this time, he figured he probably wouldn’t do a better job than the man who actually invented the technique he was about to use.

I knew about all the lives my manoeuvre has saved over the years and I have demonstrated it so many times but here, for the first time, was someone sitting right next to me who was about to die.”

The gratifying moment has gone viral. We all probably assumed that “The Heimlich” had probably been invented out of necessity. “Some guy” named Heimlich saved a person, or “some guy” named Heimlich was saved…but the truth is that one Dr. Heimlich perfected a technique using his expertise, and now I’m sure we all feel just a little bit smarter. And although someone almost died, it is neat that Dr. Heimlich was able to finally use his technique to save a life!

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