DORITOS Saw This Guy’s Promposal And Sent Them To Prom In STYLE!

Do you remember this adorable Doritos promposal? Well, Doritos sure did, and they made sure to make this prom experience one of the best!

A month before, Shaedon W. asked his best friend’s little sister, Carlie, to prom. Carlie has Down Syndrome, but that didn’t matter to Shaedon who made the promposal as special as possible, using her favorite snack, Doritos, as a way to ask her!

I know I’m NACHO typical Dorito but… I’m going to be cheesy and ask: Will you go to prom with me?” His shirt read.

The company sent out two helicopters to escort the group to their prom!

Here’s to a bold prom experience. Hope you and Carlie have a great time!” The company wished them the best of luck!

The teens were ecstatic and couldn’t wait to have a blast together on the magical night!

People were touched! Not only did this young lady get the prom of her dreams, the attention has her feeling like a princess! This group of friends had the best night ever – and Twitter is in love with how happy and sweet they are!

Social media is allowing companies to reach out and give back to their customers, and this is just one of those stories that makes everyone feel good!

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