Don’t Toss Those Stray Twigs! Keep Them And Create A Unique Decoration! It Makes A PERFECT Gift!

While doing yard work is most definitely a chore, finding fun crafts to do with the kids might be a good reason to keep a handful of those broken branches. Handmade gifts always mean more, and this one is truly beautiful and unique. The idea is also a great way to get your home ready for Fall to celebrate the cooling weather and falling leaves.

One mom collected old twigs and began to cut them to fit the shape of a wooden backing. The wood was shaped in the letter “A” that she purchased at a craft store, but these can be made the thrift way by cutting out a letter shape on a piece of stiff cardboard.

Next, she began to glue the twigs together using hot glue to keep them stable. She overlapped a few of them to give the finished piece a fuller look.9-9a15In the end, the wooden letter looks perfectly rustic and would definitely cost a lot more at any home decor store. These make a wonderful housewarming gift for anyone, and the letters will keep for a long time due to the materials used to make them.9-9a14Will you be trying out this fun way to decorate for fall, or will you just toss those twigs instead? We love how simple and beautiful this project is! It is truly one of a kind.


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