Don’t Throw Out That Old Wine Crate! You Can Turn It Into An AWESOME Night Stand! DIY Magic!

You may or may not have known this, but when you buy 6 or more of the same bottles of wine, your normally get this wooden wine crate with a lid. (Local wine merchants may also give these away if they have any to spare!) These crates are rather beautiful on their own, but after a while, you run out of things to use them for. They end up at garage sales or storing junk in the garage before you realize it.

Well, one crafty mom found a cool way to build a nightstand for her son who said he needed one at night to rest his glass of water. Instead of going to a store and buying a nightstand for a couple hundred bucks, she decided to re-purpose one of her wine crates. The result is really cool!9-14a1She covered the entire crate with a dark wax polish to protect the wood, but it gave the crate a dark, rough look. If you aren’t a fan of it, your can look at other staining options that will produce a different shade or finish.

She sawed the lid of the wine crate into two pieces. The first, she mounted on screws inside of the crate, and the second, she attached to the bottom using the legs of the stand.

Then, she chose and cut a piece of wrapping paper to size that matched the decor in her son’s bedroom. She used mod podge to stick the paper into the crate and sealed another layer of mod podge on top.9-14a2The hairpin legs screwed simply into the wood and held everything together!9-14a3What do you think of this project? You can find more details here!


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