Don’t Let THIS Happen To Your Cat! What She Didn’t Know Could Have Been FATAL.

Ollie started behaving very strangely, and she knew that he needed emergency help. She had adopted Ollie from a local shelter, and normally he was a very rambunctious and inquisitive cat. He loved to explore, he loved to chew, he loved to play.

But when Ollie began vomiting and eventually just stopped moving altogether, she knew that something serious had happened. She rushed him to the vet.

They performed blood tests and x-rays, and realized that Ollie had swallowed something that was lodged in his stomach and intestines. If he didn’t have emergency surgery, he would die…but even if they attempted the surgery, he could still die. There was no good news to be found. On top of it all, the surgery would cost a whopping $4,000.

She was a broke college student and told the vet that there was no way she could come up with that kind of money in time. The vet helped her get a line of medical credit, and they went through with the surgery.When the vet came out with the “object” that had been nearly fatal to Ollie, his owner broke down into tears.

Ollie had been stealing and swallowing her hair ties, which had gotten knotted together and lodged inside of his stomach.

I would see him chewing up my hair ties and I would try to stop him, but I did not see or know he was actually swallowing them. I did not know the severity of the situation. The vet told me it’s common for kittens and young cats to swallow weird things like hair ties or string. They said they once did surgery on a cat who swallowed an entire balls worth of yarn. I did not know cats did this and my cat paid dearly for my ignorance. I wanted to tell this story because I’m not sure if other people know this about cats. Ollie almost died. I don’t want this to happen to other cats and cat owners.” She wrote.

The hair ties had suffocated part of Ollie’s intestines, but the vet was able to cut away the dead and dying tissues and repair the damage. It was an expensive mistake that she hopes no one ever makes again.

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