Don’t Have A Cell Phone Holder For The Car? One Woman Found An Easier Way…And It’s FREE!

If you’ve never used a cell phone holder in the car before, this quick and easy method will demonstrate what you’ve been missing out on…especially if you frequently use your GPS!

Trying to drive and use the phone is dangerous. More and more accidents happen because of texting or trying to see the GPS each year. It’s got to stop!

All you need is a car (duh) and a rubber band! Choose a sturdy rubber band that hasn’t been sitting in the sun. You’ll want it to be fresh out of the bag or lightly used!


Using a tool or your finger, loop the rubber band through the top layer of your driver’s side air vent. Pull it tightly and spread it apart!3.22a7

Place your cell phone inside of the loop that you’ve just created. Make sure that it is snugly in place.


Separate the two pieces of rubber band. Position one near the top of your phone, and the other near the bottom.3.22a9

The tension created should be enough to hold your phone securely in place until you can replace your broken cell phone holder! 3.22a10

Since it is in front of the vent, you won’t want to use this temporary method with the heater on. Going hands-free is the safest option on the road. Don’t text and drive!

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