Domino’s Held A Contest And One Clever Designer Blew Everyone Away

Olivia Mears has always loved to create beautiful costumes, and she started to let her creativity lead her into new and outrageous places. After posting pictures of one such costume that combined the Disney princess, Belle, with the fast food chain, Taco Bell(e), she became even more popular. When she heard about Domino’s hosting a contest called “Piece of Pie,” she was instantly inspired.

She got to work, planning out the designs for a throne made of pizza boxes (complete with Domino’s-themed backdrop), a crown, and the perfect dress: a pizza.

Her entry was both hilarious and impressive. It looked like a pizza, especially with all of the finer details, such as flour on the crust and little peppers strewn about in various sizes. But the thing that made this dress even more miraculous?

It is shaped like an actual pizza.

Transforming into a complete pizza when she sits down on the floor, she stunned everyone by taking this contest to the next level.

A¬†pizza themed ballgown just sounded amazing to turn into reality.” She said.

Hours and hours of planning and creating had led her to this stunning “pizza pie” being a wearable design.

Many people who saw the dress wanted to know if they could buy one for prom, and others swore they wanted to get married in that dress!

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