Dolphins Trapped In Fishing Net Rescued By Bold (And Costly) Decision By Commercial Fisherman!

He he realized that dolphins were caught in his fishing net, a commercial fisherman in New Zealand had to make a tough choice. He and his crew didn’t want to harm the dolphins, but the animals were too nervous to swim out of the net when the crew lowered the sides by a few feet. What happened next made this rescue particularly expensive! The dolphins wouldn’t swim out, even with the sides lowered…but the net had already captured 30 tonnes of jack mackerel. The skipper had 40 years of experience under his belt and knew the stakes of the decision. Normally, he avoids fishing when there are dolphins present, but somehow, this pod had made its way into the net.

They tried to herd the dolphins out with a smaller boat, but the dolphins just wouldn’t leave. If the skipper had pulled in the catch, the dolphins would have been killed. So, he decided to open one end of the net. The dolphins swam out…but so did his catch!

Unfortunately, so did the mackerel. The laws required him to report his “catch” which will count against the company’s annual report, but in this case, the loss came in second to the dolphins’ survival.

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