Doing This Kind Deed Would Take Her FAR Out Of Her Comfort Zone. Her Reasoning For Doing It? We Should All Be Taking Notes!

Doing something kind for another person isn’t always easy, as one woman discovered. It feels nice to say “yes” when someone asks you for something, to give a homeless man the change out of your pocket, or to hold open the door for someone carrying too many things. But when saying “yes” means taking time out of your schedule, leaving you with a lot less change in your pocket, or being late to a meeting because you were holding the door open for someone…well, then it ends up being a little less black and white.

It’s so nice to be able to help one another. Even when at times it is a bit of a pain in the bum.

I found myself over the weekend saying an automatic big “yes” when asked a favor. It was a huge kindness for someone, so naturally, automatically, I said I’d do it.

I later walked away almost regretting it because of the ‘effort’ it would take me. That’s when I realized. I only do the kindnesses “I” want to. That I enjoy. That are fun. And are simple.

But what about bigger ones? Ones that are inconvenient?

Those ones are much harder to do. Yet I accepted as I put myself in this women’s shoes and thought how much I would appreciate someone doing this for me. Thinking about it this way made it much easier to accept and do.

The favor?

It’s a bit detailed to explain but to sum up briefly; There is a lady who I see every weekend at work. She is a lovely lady with two sons my boys age. I have gotten to know her and her ‘story’ quite well over the past few months. I always offer a listening ear and some serious compassion, as we talk whilst I whip up her two extra hot small cappuccinos.

Her ‘story’ involves her two sons, their father, her custody battle, and everything in between. Claims have been made against this sweet young lady that simply cannot be true. And as a witness to her and her sons she asked me to write a little something to her solicitors about what I have experienced in my dealings with her and her children.

As you can see. Something I don’t normally step into. But I did. I sat down and wrote a letter outlining what I have encountered in witnessing these boys every weekend and gave my contact details if they require further information.

This was not fun.

This was not something I necessarily enjoyed doing, but knew how much doing something like this would mean

I honor that woman for asking as I know that I would never have the confidence in asking such a thing, from fear of a “no” or someone feeling pressured to say yes.

This woman held none of that fear because she was a mother, a mother who so desperately loves her sons. A mother like me. And I would want someone to reach out and help me in any way they could if I had asked.

These acts of kindness somehow mean more, once we’ve done them. It’s hard, it takes time out of our day, and a lot of times it can be uncomfortable to do things for others…but the next time, it might be us that needs the extra helping hand. And that is what is the most important to remember.

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