Dogs Terrified By Cats Is Your Perfect Dose Of Giggles Today

Get ready for your heart to melt with these sweet dogs tormented by their cat housemates who won’t allow them to walk past. The dogs are completely terrified in this dramatic but hilarious compilation. Small or large, the dogs simply can’t muster the courage to pass, and the cats, dwarfed by the dogs, sit quietly on guard, owning the corridor, stairs, and doors.

Watching the big chickens in this clip is simply the most adorable thing you will see today. Some of the dogs remained stuck, while others were rescued by their owners. Other dogs tried to surpass their fears and put one foot in front of the other against the cats. However, they were not able to completely walk through without getting a good scratching from the equally cute felines.

Do you have household pets that act in the same mean but hilarious manner? Or are your dogs as sweet as these ones, too?

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