Dogs Reaction To Being Found Will Bring You To Tears!

The fireworks display during a Fourth of July celebration caused Dora, a German Shepherd, to run away from her home in Frisco, Texas. Her owners didn’t realize sooner that she has jumped over the fence in the backyard and hid on a more peaceful area. Weeks and months passed, but Dora didn’t come home.

In spite of all the fears and worries, Dora’s family never lost hope that she would return and continued to search for her. One fateful day, an animal shelter was able to find the lonely canine. With the aid of a microchip inside the dog’s body, they found out that she’s Dora, the missing dog. The shelter soon contacted the owner and finally reunited the dog to her family.

That microchip made the big difference in Dora’s return. Without it, she might not have been recognized. Owners know that dogs get very scared and anxious with loud explosions, so they should be aided with devices to determine their whereabouts in case they run away.

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