Dog Suffered From Massive Tumor. Previous Owners Waited Until It Was Almost Too Late!

This dog was dropped off at a local shelter without a name and only one set of instructions: “just put him down.”

The adorable pup was only one year old and was a mix of a husky and shepherd…he was kind and cuddly and curious about the world. He also happened to have a massive tumor hanging down from his chest.¬†Shelter volunteers named him Clyde and were determined to help him. His previous owners had ignored the tumor growing on his body until it was so heavy that it dragged along the ground when he walked. It was painful, raw, and caused Clyde a lot of aggravation, but the humans hadn’t bothered to seek help until it was too late. They turned him in once he began bleeding from the tumor. The shelter was angry and stunned. They contacted a nonprofit organization that would hopefully be able to help Clyde and give him a second chance at life.

The dog had arrived without a name, but he hadn’t lost his will to survive. They received him on a Monday, and by Wednesday, he had undergone surgery to remove the tumor. The tumor weighed a shocking 6.4 pounds and is now awaiting biopsy results to find out whether or not the mass was cancerous.

They were successful, but now, it was a waiting game.They hope to give Clyde a loving new home and wish him a smooth recovery!

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