Dog In Brazil Runs Errands For His Family And “Buys” Food For Himself

Residents near Agro Pet supplies in Brazil are used to this hilarious occurrence, but after it was posted online, people were stunned to find out about the little dog who routinely runs errands for his family.

Pituco, a dog that lives just a few blocks away, is a regular customer at the pet supply store. He walks to the pet store and sits in the dog food isle, barking for service. His food is on the very top shelf and he can’t reach it without an employee’s help. Once they set his food on the floor, Pituco grabs it and goes back home. Pituco isn’t getting his food for free, though. His humans have an open tab at the shop and stop in to pay it every few days. Sometimes, they will call in advance to Pituco’s visit and request items for their other pets, such as birdseed or cat food – the employees simply tie it all together and Pituco happily brings it back home with him.
Surprisingly, many domesticated dogs are capable of performing similar tasks, but many are held back by laws requiring owners to use leashes or monitor their pet at all times.

Would your pet be able to handle a trip to the pet store all on its own?

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