Does Your Fireplace Look Like This? She Completely Changed Hers With ONE Simple Idea!

A natural brick fireplace can be a beautiful thing, and while it might not be for everyone, her home needed a little extra brightness to lighten things up! A lack of natural light and dark floors can make a home feel more like a cave, so this might be a great idea to brighten the entire room!

First things first! Get your fireplace ready for paint. Clear off any clutter, use painter’s tape to protect the wall and floor, and if your fireplace is a bit dirty or has soot stains, use a sealer (concrete or masonry) to keep the stains from showing through. Sealing the grout will help you to use less paint and in turn make the project quicker.11-15a4Getting paint in between the bricks was the hardest part, she writes.

The poor paint brush I used is now frayed all over the place because I had to jam it in between the bricks to get paint in there.”

But the finished project is so gorgeous that it was definitely worth it! She used two cans of paint for this project, and it looks incredible. The entire room looks completely different!
11-15a5With so many ways to use a can of paint, redecorating and renovating your home is easier than ever! Take a weekend, let the paint dry between coats, and your home will have an updated feel without breaking your budget! Love it or hate it? You can see more details here!


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