Does Your Car Have A Funky Smell? This Life Hack Will ELIMINATE The Strange Odors!

No matter how often you clean out your car, random smells and curious odors can easily permeate the air, making even the shortest trips in the car just a bit nauseating. Car deodorizers can get expensive, and once they run out of juice, your car goes right back to smelling like a gym bag. Or wet dog. Or funky car repair shops. Or spilled milk. Or…whatever.

Even the little dangling, sun-activated car fresheners don’t do much to help after a few days. Why?7.12a10

These methods are only covering up the odors and aren’t doing a thing to get rid of the bad smells. In order to really clean your car, follow these easy steps and this one awesome hack to get your car back to smelling less like an old sock and more like a fresh oasis.

Instead, purchase tea bags. The stronger the smell, the better. Fruits, herbs, spices, or classic smells like peppermint and vanilla will have your car smelling fresh and clean in just a day or two. Yes, they work quickly! The benefit of tea bags is that they will absorb odor and last a lot longer than expensive fresheners.7.12a11

The bags will also absorb moisture from the air and go a long way to keeping your car from getting smelly again. Stash them under the seats, in the back, and in the door cubbies. If you have a small decorative bag, toss a few tea bags inside and hang it on the rear view mirror. You could hang them up by themselves…but then you would have tea bags hanging from your car, and that might gain you a few strange looks.

Hey, at least your car will smell amazing!

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