Boy, Does This Card Look Familiar! This Note From “Grampa” Is Going Viral Because It’s TOO Relatable!

Growing up, birthdays were full of surprises, and it was usually the one time of year that most of us received actual mail in the mailbox! Sometimes, these cards came with a crisp five dollar bill, and sometimes they contained well-wishes for our special day (although those were admittedly less exciting as an 8-year-old). Haden loved getting cards from his grandparents, and while grandma loved to write down her thoughts and feelings about her grandson, Grampa was a little less enthusiastic.

The letter was posted to an online forum out of amusement but quickly began to circulate the internet because of how strikingly it resembled everyone else’s. Aside from the name Haden, this could have been anyone’s grandparents:9-19a6

It may not fit everyone’s individual grandparents, of course, but far too many of us have received this exact same card year after year from our relatives! Sure, we know that Grampa loves us just as much, but seeing that gruff “same here” kind of fills our hearts with joy. He might not say it outright, but he probably wouldn’t write that on anyone else’s card, and that makes it special.

Does this honest greeting card remind you of your grandparents?

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