Doctors Everywhere Are Saying “NO!” To Flip-Flops This Summer. This Is What They Do To Your Legs!

Staying cool throughout the day is our #1 priority in the summer months, but our go-to choice of footwear might be doing a lot more harm than good, doctors are saying. Flip-flops are easy, keep us cool, and are a breeze to clean after a day in the sun, but it turns out that if you’re wearing them for more than a few hours a day, you could be hurting your feet and legs a lot more than you realize.

Shin splints are a common side effect, as are weakened foot tendons and muscle pain. Flip-flops lack the support of a regular shoe, and the “gripping” motion that our toes are forced to do to keep the shoes on can injure and strain the muscles surrounding them. Soreness in your feet can come on quickly, and flip-flops are the fastest way to injure your feet.
8.3a7Tripping and falling in this footwear is the leading cause for broken and sprained ankles in the summer, and the lack of support from the strapless backs cause many ER doctors to advise against this choice when you’re going on a long trip.

All sandals aren’t off-limits, though! If your sandals have a supportive sole and straps to keep the shoes firmly on your feet, you’re much better off than if you just grab a pair of flip-flops.

Are heels more dangerous than flip-flops?”

According to Dr. Zachary Vaupel, a foot and ankle surgeon in Detroit, flip-flops are by far the most dangerous choice of footwear. Period. Will you be trading in your flip-flops for a sturdier choice?

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