Doctor Delivers Another Woman’s Baby Just Hours Before Giving Birth To Her Own

Dr. Amanda Hess is no stranger to intense situations. As an OB/GYN, she knew that sounds of distress when she heard them coming from an adjacent room and jumped into action. The reason her actions are going viral? She was preparing to give birth to her own baby when she rushed in to help.

Hess was a patient in her own hospital preparing to have her labor induced when she heard the nurses say that there was a baby in distress. The on-call physician wasn’t available, and Hess acted out of instinct. She tossed on a second gown to cover her back, tossed some booties over her flip=flops, and moved in to help the patient.

Hess had examined the woman a few times before, but she wasn’t the woman’s regular OB/GYN. Hess helped the patient deliver quickly before settling in to have her own! It wasn’t the delivery that she had planned for, but she worked until the last possible second! She wasn’t on-call, she wasn’t the woman’s doctor, but when someone needed her help, she didn’t hesitate for a moment…even if it may have looked a little strange to everyone else!

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