Do Your Feet Match Any Of These Shapes? They Might Tell A LOT About Your Personality!

Reading palms has been around for a long time as a way to tell more about a person and a person’s future…but something even more incredible? Foot reading. For even longer than palm reading, it has been believed that the shape of your foot is directly linked to your personality type (and loosely telling your ancient origins). These characteristics might explain a lot. Take a look at your feet and see if your match any of these!


1. The Roman Foot

This is supposedly the most common foot shape and leans towards an outgoing personality. People with this foot type are social and charismatic, tending to do well in the world of business and have no trouble becoming the center of attention, giving speeches or leading meetings.

2. The Germanic Foot

This shape sometimes has a larger big toe that might be taller or shorter than the other toes, creating a square shape. Nicknamed the “peasant foot,” this foot shape can hint toward a calm and calculated personality. Reliable and practical, this personality type makes consistent decisions and will nearly always be on time for everything.

3. The Greek Foot

This shape peaks around the second toe. This hints towards a personality that is enthusiastic and motivational. This is most common with artists and athletes, speakers, and innovators.

4. The Egyptian Foot

A long, thin foot may mean an impulsive and fearless personality. Quick to change their mood, these personalities value privacy and are able to keep secrets, but may have trouble expressing their own thoughts and feelings.

Are these accurate, or did your foot prove these theories wrong?

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