Do Your Feet Hurt While Wearing Sneakers? Your LACES Might Be The Real Culprit! 6 Ways To Help!

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to clothing, and shoes are no exception. While there are many sizes and shapes of feet, there is generally only one or two different styles of shoe. One size does not fit all, and thanks to clever people around the country, your shoes can at least fit better! How are your laces tied right now? Maybe one of these common issues has plagued you for your entire life. Follow this guide and feel the difference immediately! There isn’t one right way to tie your shoes, and if it helps with your foot pain, why not give it a try?

Black toe nails occur when there is too much pressure coming from the front of your shoe. Pay attention to the diagonal line. You’ll want to pull the string from your big toe to the opposite side of the shoe to alleviate the pressure. Your shoes will be mirrored, and your pain will (hopefully!) be gone!

Pay attention to the laces and try a few of these fits out for yourself. You can combine them if you feel that your foot fits more than one of these categories. A narrow forefoot and heel slipping can be combined, you just have to get a little creative! Save this picture for future use – it might help you out the next time you need to wear shoes with laces!

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