Do Your Coffee Filters Look Like THIS? You’ve Been Using Them Wrong This Whole Time!

Finding coffee grounds in your homemade coffee can ruin your day! You just want to wake up, get your morning started, and start checking off things on your to-do list…not try and scoop out clumps of used coffee! It’s annoying, but it might be a problem that you can easily fix. First, check to see that coffee grounds haven’t escaped the filter. Second, make sure that your filter fits.

Some people have discovered that their filter just didn’t fit no matter what they did…and it looked like this. First, they blamed the manufacturer because really, why would you make something that doesn’t even fit into your machine?! But they missed a very crucial bit of instructions printed on the packaging that could have saved them a lot of trouble!7.21a14

Those little diagonal lines are meant to be folded in a specific way! The excess paper, it turns out, wasn’t put there to make your life miserable (and your coffee full of floating grounds), but to reinforce the filter and make it stronger at the seams. Smart, but not terribly obvious at first. 7.21a15

The “revelation” went viral because it turned out that millions of people were using their coffee filters in the wrong way and had no idea that there was anything that they could do to fix it. 7.21a16

If you use these types of filters, make sure that you fold it twice before you brew your morning cup!

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