Do You Want To Take Your Cats EVERYWHERE? Now You Can! The Post Office Will Be Way More Fun!

Several times a day, I find myself wanting to take my cats with me to run errands, like pick up dry cleaning or hit the pharmacy and can’t because cats hate leashes.” – A cat person, probably.

Well, you dreamer, now you can take your cats anywhere that cats are allowed – and probably a few places that they aren’t, if you’re sneaky enough. No longer will you be doomed to perform tedious errands without entertainment. Simply open your convenient cat-pouch and enjoy the love and adoration of your favorite feline friend!6.27a10

Satire aside, this is an adorable way to bring your cat outside of the house or just to spend a cuddly day indoors. The pom-poms make great distractions, and most cats will fit snugly inside.

There isn’t a spot for water or snacks!” -A person who likes to complain, probably.


Hey, this isn’t a hotel, it’s just a pouch. Enjoy how cute it is.

This hilarious invention is going wild in Japan, and it won’t be long until someone makes it available where you live (I hope!) because how neat is this? It’s a little ridiculous and a little genius.

Many cats will enjoy being carried to their desired destination by their human servants.” – His highness, King Nibbles the Third, probably.

Would you use one of these hoodies if you had one? I might use it at home, but I’m not sure I’d make a run to the grocery with a cat in tow…

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