Do You Love Biking? This New Trail Will Take You On The Scenic Route From Maine To Florida!

This isn’t a new idea, and it has been in the works since 1991! The longest bike path in the world, it will run along the coastlines of the Eastern states from Calais, Maine all the way to Key West, Florida. The plan will use existing bike paths and trails, connecting them with new trails, bridges, and transforming old railroad lines and canals. 7.28a9

The brainchild of the East Coast Greenway Alliance, this 2,900 mile Greenway bike path would connect 25 major cities in 16 states. They have been working with local governments to split the costs of building and maintaining the pathway at the connecting sections. People are excited, and the path is predicted to be ready to ride by 2020.

It is only 31% complete, and a lot of that is pre-existing pathways. The project is innovative and gives people more options to travel that don’t cost huge fares. 7.28a10

If you pedaled 50 miles a day, you could travel from one end of the path to the other in an estimated time of about 2 months! Communities are already planning their summer vacations, and the bike trails are giving people a new way to get out and experience the places that they live in. While it is still far from being completed, there isn’t anything stopping people from making the journey already…although they might have to stop and take a few subway rides to make it all the way through! Are you excited about this?

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