Do You Live In Australia? They’re Currently Experiencing A PLAGUE Of Giant Spiders!

Thanks to strange weather, homes in Australia may experience an increase in the amount of Huntsman spiders that are found indoors! Dr. Robert Raven, the arachnologist of Queensland Museum, is warning Australians to keep an eye out.When the weather warms up, these large spiders are encouraged to leave their hiding places and feast on the insects that emerge, but the problem? It’s raining, too. The spiders leave their hidey holes to eat, but then need to find shelter from the rain! They often seek shelter inside of nearby homes.

Because of the spider’s sensitive leg hairs, they cannot survive outside in the rain. This makes your home the perfect place to wait out the storm. During the winter, many spiders live in the ceilings near light fixtures because of the warmth, but once the weather begins to heat up, they make their way down into the home through cracks to cool down. Check dark spaces before placing your hand inside as that is where more poisonous spiders hide. He also warns about checking regular items frequently.

You pick up your towel and the next thing you know you have a huntsman on your face,” he said.

While the biggest annoyance is the Huntsman spider, a relatively peaceful type, redbacks and funnel-webs, which are much more dangerous, may find their way into your home to escape the rain as well.

Keep an eye out!

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