Do You Know How To Spot A FAKE ATM Machine? This Is How Scammers Steal Your Debit Information.

He gets cash from this ATM in Houston, Texas all of the time, but when he walked up to it one afternoon, he noticed that something seemed different. It made him feel a bit suspicious, and when he dared to pull on the green piece of plastic that reads the ATM card, he realized that he was right.

A card-skimmer is a piece of technology that sits on top of the bank’s card reader and logs your card information. The transaction works normally because the ATM is still able to read your card. However, there was also a piece of plastic in the same color as the ATM machine pointing down with a small hole in it that records video of you entering your PIN number.He jiggled the card reader…and sure enough, it was attached with double-sided tape!He got the manager of the store, who gave him a knife and the pair worked together to disassemble the entire thing. Once they pried off the gray box with the camera in it, it revealed a storage card that was recording PIN numbers to the cards that were taken from the card reader.This was put together by scammers and picked up by the police, who say that they are confident that they will be able to find fingerprints off of the amateur devices.
If you see something strange about the ATM you’re about to use, see if the card reader is attached properly. If it does, call the police.

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