Do YOU Have One Of These Rare Disney VHS Tapes? You Might Be RICH!

It’s alright if they’re all boxed up in the attic – that’s where mine are, too! We may have switched to DVD players, but tossing out those old VHS tapes seemed like a crime! Well, our tendency to be nostalgic just might be paying off because there are a lot of these old tapes that can sell for up to $10,000 on eBay! It all depends on which ones you happen to have in good condition!The “classics” edition of Beauty and the Beast, for example, is one of the rarest VHS tapes and sells for some of the highest amounts! Certain editions are considered “gold,” whether its unusual artwork, rare defects, or limited-edition tapes. 

The clack diamond reads “The Classics,” and just having this logo on the cover can boost the tape’s value up by a few hundred dollars! Similarly, some VHS tapes will have a diamond that reads “A Walt Disney Classic,” and depending on the movie, this can mean a lot of money! If the box is in good condition, it can be worth even more.

This edition of The Little Mermaid, for example, is rare because of the artwork which was later banned for “explicit content.” The turret on Poseidon’s castle was a bit too risque, so the cover was discontinued and a new picture replaced it soon after.

Some editions of Beauty and the Beast still contain the song, “Human Again,” which was cut from later editions. These are worth more than the later versions.

See if you have any hidden gems lying around…if not, it might be a fun trip down memory lane!

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