Do You Have One Of These Mirrors At Home? This Simple Upgrade Will Make ALL The Difference!

This standard wall mirror comes in black, white, and sometimes brown (if the stores have it in stock), and while it may be functional, it isn’t much to look at. Hanging by itself on a wall or over a closet door, it can look sad all on its own. One woman decided that enough was enough! She decided to take this mirror apart and put it back together in a way that made it look SO MUCH better! Disassembling the mirror was tricky, but after she sliced through the glue holding the frame and removed the paper backing, the final product began to come together!
11-2a3She purchased wood boards and cut them with 45 degree angles at each end, using specific measurements to be sure that it held snug to the mirror, securing it with wood glue.11-2a1She stained the front and back with a dark wood stain to match the rest of her home! She used a liquid nails adhesive made specifically for wood…and that was it! You might think that this project would take an entire afternoon…but in reality, it took her just under an hour!
11-2a2You can find specific details about this project here! Do you think a style like this might fit in with your home decor, or is it just a little too rustic for your tastes? Upgrading from that boring, standard mirror doesn’t have to be expensive, and it doesn’t have to be difficult! A little creativity (and wood glue!) turned this project into a gorgeous display!


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