Do You Have Body Acne? The Location Can Tell You WHY You’re Breaking Out And How To Clear It Up!

The ugly truth about acne is that it can pop up at any stage in your life. We mostly associate facial acne with teenagers going through hormonal changes, but the reality is that people everywhere young and old can find themselves with a case of acne on any part of their body. Although it is uncomfortable and sometimes painful, where your acne is located might tell you a lot about why it has shown up in the first place!1.) If you find acne along your jawline or on your neck, it may be the result of natural hormonal or glandular changes…but it might also be from excessive sugar consumption!

2 & 3.) Acne along your neck and shoulders has most likely been caused by too much stress.

4.) Acne on your chest may be a result of your diet. See if you can make healthy changes and reduce the amount of acne.

5 & 6.) Blemishes on your elbows is sometimes the result of poor blood circulation and dead cells which may be caused by a vitamin deficiency.

7.) While it is rare to discover acne on your stomach, it may reveal that your blood sugar levels are off or low. A doctor’s advice is needed in this area.

8.) Acne in this area should be checked by a medical professional.

9 & 10.) Are you using any new products or wearing new fabrics? Acne here may suggest an allergic reaction.

11 & 12.) Cystic acne on your back may indicate an issue in the nervous and digestive system – you’ll need to see a dermatologist.

13 & 14.) Acne on the buttocks is usually caused by irritation to the skin by tight or restrictive clothing. A dermatologist can help to clear this up if it is persistent. It also may indicate an issue with your digestive system.

Acne isn’t something that clears up overnight, but with the help of a dermatologist or your doctor, these issues can be targeted and you’ll be well on your way to clearer, healthier skin!

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