Do You Have A SAGGY Old Pair Of Jeans? Give Them New Life With This EASY Trick!

Jeans wear out. There are a few things we can do to lessen the sag like toss them in the dryer or lay them in the sun…but that’s about it! The fabric loosens naturally over time, and more often, we change too! Gaining weight in some places and losing it in other can make even our favorite pair of jeans fit awkwardly.

But with this method, you can make your jeans look like new again!

4.6a18First, you’ll need a good friend, and probably a decent amount of trust. Put your jeans on INSIDE-OUT and stand in front of a mirror. Have your friend insert pins to alter the fit until you are satisfied!4.6a19 If you need a little extra hug around your hips or waist, add in some darts! No one will notice, and you probably won’t need a belt afterwards! (Fingers crossed!)4.6a20 Sew along the pins. Yep. That’s it. All you have to do is follow the pins and you’ll have your old jeans back! You don’t have to sew them all the way to the floor, either. This woman sewed the jeans only to her knees, and you can hardly tell at all! They have an awesome fit!4.6a21

But be careful…you might not be able to stop once you fix one pair! You may end up going through your whole closet over a weekend and altering all of your pants! It’s so simple and it gives you really great results! Would you try this out, or would you just buy a new pair?

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