Do YOU Agree With This Canadian School’s Decision To CANCEL Mother And Father’s Day?!

The teachers at one school in Canada had a meeting about how they would approach the celebrations for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. More and more of their students each year were coming from non-traditional homes and were left out of the activities. But this year, tragedy struck for two of the classrooms, and the teachers came together and decided that they would not put their very young students through the ordeal of sitting idle in class watching their classmates create gifts for their own parents while they dealt with tragedy. While the school did not disclose the trauma, they did point out that it was not a decision made based on religious reasons – it was strictly to help protect the children affected by the previously mentioned trauma.¬†Many grown adults have trouble processing grief, and to expect young children in first and second grade to be able to sit by and manage their emotions due to the trauma they had experienced was just too much for these teachers to justify. They decided to drop the activities and instead focus on their curriculum, sending letters home to the parents and explaining the situation.

One parent, however, did not agree and assumed that the reasons were religious, posting the picture to Facebook and condemning the school for “forcing us to give up things that are important to us as Canadians…and it doesn’t even have anything to do with religion? You cant celebrate your Mom and Dad?”

Many defended him, stating that the parent probably didn’t know about the incident that occurred which caused the¬†school to make this decision in the first place. And many more are confused at his mention of religion in the first place, which caused the story to go viral almost overnight.

Either way, the school defended its decision to avoid the activity for those two specific classes, and declined to reveal the nature of the traumatic event out of respect to those involved.

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