Do These Doors Look Familiar? She TRANSFORMED Them Into Chic Barn Doors With PAINT And A Sharpie!

Most of us have lived with hollow core doors at some point in our lives, but some of the worst kind are the doors that have been painted with a fake-wood type stain. It makes the room difficult to decorate, and they always feel like they are about to collapse in on themselves. Monica, the genius behind East Coast Creative thought so too and decided to give her doors a makeover!For the two outer doors, she measured out pine planks to add a trim around the doors. She skipped the middle door because the other two still needed to slide easily. They pieces don’t need to be perfect, either! A rustic barn door isn’t made perfectly, so your doors can be rough around the edges.Next, paint the doors and the pine planks all the same color. Once the paint has dried, draw on the “gaps” between your “planks” with a sharpie. The illusion will give your door dimension. (From even just a few steps away, the lines will be believable!)In the end, the closet no longer distracts from the decor of the room but actually adds to it. Those outdated doors have been given a beautiful makeover and the entire room looks like something out of a magazine.Just a few touches made this room virtually unrecognizable – would you do this to your hollow core doors? You can find more details here!

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