DMV Workers Dressed Up For Halloween…And This Guy Nailed It!

While other employees chose to dress up as fairies, princesses, and pirates, one guy had an idea that was too hilarious to pass up!

After the movie Zootopia hit the theaters, the “DMV” scene involving a staff made up entirely of sloths, people couldn’t get over the similarities. No one likes visiting the Department of Motor Vehicles and people often compare the processing and wait times to “a snail’s pace.” So, when this guy was trying to decide what to be for Halloween, he didn’t have to think very hard!

One of the characters, a sloth, was the perfect costume for him! He probably didn’t speak all that slowly (as they still had people to help) but everyone got a kick out of this spot-on Halloween costume!


The joke really hit home for a lot of people, many of whom had recently spent hours in line at the DMV only to be turned away because they hadn’t filled out the right forms! People started sharing the picture like crazy and it quickly shot up to tens of thousands of shares overnight!

Who doesn’t love a good quirky Halloween joke?!

We do wonder what their supervisor thought of it…but it’s just too perfect!

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