Distraught Mother Wakes Up And Finds The Family Car Stolen…Her Son’s Ashes Were Inside.

Shelly Brown, a woman from Oklahoma, came outside one day to find that her SUV had been stolen right off of her driveway. She was shocked and dismayed, but not for the reasons that anyone could have predicted. Brown had kept a small token of her late son in the car. A small vial containing her son’s ashes hung from the rear view mirror, and while it was inconvenient to have lost her vehicle, it was absolutely devastating to discover that the ashes were gone.

She reported the theft and couldn’t shake the feeling that it wasn’t over yet.

One week later, she spotted an SUV that looked a lot like her stolen vehicle; it was the same make, model, and color. She followed it out of instinct, even though it was going in the opposite direction. It wasn’t a safe thing to do. She had no idea who was driving it or how dangerous they might be, but she had hope that her son’s ashes would still be in the car and couldn’t wait for help.

The SUV was in a parking lot by the time she caught up with it. The steering wheel had been damaged during the theft, but everything of hers was still inside…

Including her son’s ashes! She called the police and had the car towed back to her home. Police haven’t identified the thief, but the case is still ongoing.

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