Display Your Holiday Cards With Style! It’s So Festive!

Where do you put your holiday cards? My grandmother always put them on the fridge. My mother piled them on the counter until a decent amount of time passed before tossing them. But like many others, we all just want to make our homes feel like home, and a display that reminds us of our friends and family is too good to pass up! This project will re-purpose an old frame and bring joy to an unused corner of the house!12-2z9If you don’t have an old frame large enough to accommodate your cards, you can probably find an inexpensive one at a second-hand store. All you’ll need to do is remove the old portrait or scene and paint the frame to match your home. Use a wood stain or pick a metallic spray paint – some have even painted their frames snow white to mimic the weather outside!12-2z11Remove the bulbs that end up between the frame and the wall. You’ll want everything to lie as flat as possible! Leave enough space between each row to hang your cards with miniature clothes pins and glue the lights onto the frame.12-2z10After a bit, your frame will be ready to hang, and your holiday cards will have a place to be admired by everyone who visits! We love this project because it turns your friends and family into a beautiful display and makes all of those cards look even more festive than before! You can check out the full tutorial here.


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