Disney Is Giving Brides The Fairy Tale Wedding Of Their DREAMS! This Is Pure MAGIC!

Do you remember planning out your “dream wedding” when you were little? Cutting out “jewelry” from magazines, piecing together your perfect dress, and arranging bouquets out of the wild flowers that grew in the backyard are some of the happiest memories for many of us. The hope for the future was a big part of it, and watching movies only made us hope more. Gorgeous scenery, huge dresses, and long veils were what made a perfect wedding.

Well, Disney is bringing that dream into reality in a way that only Disney can. They¬†have recently opened up the East Plaza Garden for you to have the dream wedding you’ve always wanted!
5.2a16Most of us have already missed the opportunity to have our dream wedding, but I’m not writing off a dream vow-renewal! Those are magical, too!5.2a17The horse-drawn Cinderella carriage pulled by four white horses and sharply dressed footmen is a HUGE perk! I would love to ride in one of those!5.2a20The photographers are something else. They know just what it takes to turn a special moment into a purely magical one! The editing, the angles, and the expertise turns any wedding photo into one that could have come right out of a fairy tale!5.2a21With pictures like these, there is even more pressure to have the perfect dress! You’re the princess, as far as Disney is concerned, and they are doing just about everything to bring that Disney magic into the most important day of your life! Incredible!

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