Disgruntled Man Scrawls The Number Of His Ex On A Bathroom Stall…She Meets The Love Of Her Life!

His plan could not have backfired in a more glorious way! Donna Roberts broke up with her ex, and it wasn’t pretty. He was upset and vindictive about the whole break up and wanted to get revenge on her. While at a truck stop, he wrote a nasty message on one of the bathroom walls, leaving her name and phone number for other men to find. He could not have predicted that Donna would end up meeting the love of her life!

In a strange twist of fate, two people were connected by a mean prank.

Mark Ellis was at that same truck stop when he noticed the crude message written on the wall. It was signed, “Donna,” but it didn’t look like a woman’s hand writing. He was curious and decided to text the number and find out if it was a real person. He chose not to take the woman up on her “offer,” but instead he simply sent her a text message:

Hi. What are you up to?”8.15a11

Donna is a legal secretary and was of course curious as to how he received her number…but the two had a conversation and quickly discovered that they had a lot to talk about! They met two met a few days later and really hit it off! They now have two children, eight and nine years old, but they just tell them that “dad texted a wrong number!” when they ask how their parents met.

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