Disabled Man Hit While Crossing The Street. Cop Issues A Ticket: “You Weren’t Fast Enough.”

Kyle Wolfe uses a wheelchair to get around the city, but after being hit by a van while trying to cross the street, he is now facing a citation on top of it all.

He was just trying to cross an intersection, starting when the traffic light indicated that it was safe, but was still roughly 5 feet away from the curb when the light turned red. It takes him a few seconds longer than the 20 seconds provided for pedestrians to cross the street, but it has never been an issue for him before.

This time, an SUV struck him from behind. The impact totaled his wheelchair and gave him a wide array of scrapes and bruises as a result. When a Denver police officer arrived on the scene, Wolfe found himself being issued a citation for not crossing fast enough.
He tried to explain to the officer that it was harder for him to get across the street than others, but the officer didn’t care and issued the ticket anyway. Now, on top of everything else he has to do, Wolfe must now try to fight the citation in court.

Does this make any sense to YOU?

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