Disabled Man Going To Court For Parking In Disabled Spot. Local Government Won’t Accept His Parking Permit.

In September of 2012, a paraplegic man named Ben Williams discovered a parking ticket on his window after parking in a disabled parking spot. The ticket was for $141, but he knew that he could take it to the police station, prove that he did have a parking permit, and have the fine revoked. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened. What followed is a legal battle that is still ongoing.

The department instructed him to provide a written request to have the fine revoked, which he sent. Instead of removing the fine, the Sheriff’s Office issued a warrant.

Since then, he has sent copies of his disabled parking permit four times to but the Sheriff’s Office and the infringements office, who refuse to accept it. He was then told that if he didn’t pay the fine, his registration wouldn’t be renewed, which would leave him with no way to get around. He gave them the information again, and they still would not accept his proof.

That is when he decided to take them to court.

He now also wants the state to adopt a new type of permit that would hang from the rear-view mirror, as the plastic sticker they currently issue fell off, causing him to receive the fine in the first place.

While the Victoria Police department couldn’t comment on any details since the case is ongoing, they did admit that “it shouldn’t have gotten to this point.”


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