Did You Know The Best Way To Pick Out The PERFECT Watermelon? These Tips Are Great!

When the weather heats up, taking a bite out of a fresh, chilled watermelon is one of the many joys we look forward to! Some sprinkle the fresh fruit with salt, and others swear by a dash of sweet sugar. Some more adventurous folk will carve a small hole into the melon and add a bit of alcohol for a fun cocktail in the afternoon. However you enjoy this bright and delicious melon, there are some ways to pick out the perfect one that almost everyone can agree on!

The three questions you need to ask will almost always have you bringing home the best one possible!

1. ) Is the watermelon heavy for its size?

When you pick one up, is it heavier than it looks? Compare the watermelon to the others around it. The heaviest and smallest is what you’re looking for! A heavy watermelon is typically a ripe watermelon.

2.) How does it sound when you tap on it?

The sound the melon makes when you tap on it should be “hollow.” It shouldn’t sound like a “thud,” but more like knocking on a wooden door to an empty room. You want the watermelon to echo…almost like when you dribble a basketball on the court. If it sounds solid, it’s probably not ripe enough.

3.) Does it have a “yellow belly?”

A watermelon ripens on the vine, and the longer it sits on the ground, the larger that yellow belly will be. 

If you can get a good balance of all three of these attributes, you’re sure to pick out the perfect watermelon every time!

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