Did They REALLY Find A “Bus-Sized” Spider Off The Coast Of Mexico?!

Supposedly spotted off of the coast of Mexico on “an island,” YouTuber MEXICOGEEK displays a shocking discovery: an enormous spider sitting on top of an island. No coordinates were released, and no one has been able to figure out exactly which island was featured in the video to recreate the discovery.

Using satellite images from Google Earth, UFO hunters often report strange sightings in areas of the globe that most people wouldn’t be able to visit on foot. They are meticulous and release as much information as possible, so the fact that this “spider” was discovered with no proof provided leads most seasoned UFO hunters to believe that this is a cleverly fabricated hoax.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…what would it mean if this creature were real?10-20a10

Well, it may be an actual spider (the size of a bus!), a giant crab, or a strange shadow made by surrounding cracks in the rocks, tricking our brain into associating the image of a spider where there really isn’t one.

This gigantic spider would be able to eat a human whole for a single meal, and would likely be able to jump alarmingly high, although its massive weight would play a large part in keeping it from jumping outrageous distances equal to the common jumping spider you would find in your home. We would hope.

But there are clearly nine legs on this strange creature, leading many to believe (and pray) that this is just a trick of the eye and not, in fact, a man-eating spider lurking on a remote island waiting for ship-wrecked sailors to munch on.


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